Le produit

Eliott’s Ladders are original creations for your and your cat’s pleasure.

Installed against the facade of your home, this ladder will allow your furry companion to go in and out from a window or a balcony. But it’s not only practical! It’s also the creation of a Swiss craftsman-woodworker, Jan Reymond, well-known for his wooden creations and ephemeral sculptures made with books.

This lover of shapes and materials created Eliott’s Ladder as a work of art destined to decorate the front of your house.

Egalement diplômé médecin-vétérinaire et fasciné par les chats, il a été inspiré pour créer cet objet adapté aux besoins du félin.

Chacune de ses pièces est unique et entièrement réalisée à la main.

Eliott’s Ladders are ideal for cat-owners who wish to ensure their animal’s well-being while taking care of the esthetics of their home. Thanks to its modern, charming appearance, it adapts as easily to contemporary homes as to historical, traditional buildings.