Jan Reymond

The Craftsman

Born in 1979, Jan Reymond grew up with the scents and sounds of his father’s woodworking shop. By watching and repeating what his father was doing, he developped his passion for shaping and transforming different materials.

However, he first turned towards a potential career as a veterinary surgeon, a way of combining his taste for nature and strong interest for scientific matters. But, once he had his diploma, he realised that creativity was essential to his well-being and decided to commit to this passion.

Since 2005, he has made his living as a cabinet-maker and carpenter. Constantly improving his techniques, he has broadened his use of different materials such as wood, metal, stone and paper, and the most essential thing for him is the sensual, intimate connection which the craftsman develops with the object he is working on.

In Romainmôtier, where he has lived all his life, he is well-known for his sculptures made with recycled books; arches, benches, doors or tables : his unique and sometimes ephemeral creations intrigue as much as they astonish.

Fascinated by culture in the broader sense of the term, Jan Reymond is also the founder of the Scènes du Chapiteau, an annual event in Romainmôtier based on the themes of music, dance, theatre and good food.